UCAT – University Clinical Aptitude Test

If your child has the passion and ambition to study any highly competitive medicine courses at university, let us help him/her to also excel in the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) in July.

Most universities in Australia and New Zealand consider the UCAT score along with students’ ATAR and performance in the interviews when they make an offer for the limited spots in their highly coveted medical and dentistry courses.

Partnering with Fraser’s, which has been coaching students in the UCAT and GAMSAT for more than a decade, Scholastic Excellence is confident that students will benefit from Fraser’s UCAT coaching to achieve their ambition. Aligning with Scholastic Excellence’s individualised programs for our students, Fraser’s customisation approach towards coaching students to excel in the UCAT is a reason for many students’ success.

Find out more about the UCAT workshops and mock exams here.

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