Student Tutoring and Exam Preparation in Perth

Since 2004, Test Champs - WA (previously known as Scholastic Excellence) has been providing quality academic tuition to the students of Perth.

Specialist Student Tutoring and Exam Preparation in Perth

After 20 years of helping students excel in vital exams, such as the GATE, NAPLAN, high school and ATAR exams, Scholastic Excellence has now merged with Test Champs Pty Ltd, a provider of worksheets and practice tests to be called TEST CHAMPS-WA. 

With the merger, parents and students can expect to see the same team of dedicated teachers and assistants in the same venue and same time but with better course materials and practice tests. We continue to keep our class size small at 9 to ensure sufficient attention and to allow us to customise the program for each student. 

Test Champs – WA (previously known as Scholastic Excellence) is reputed for providing quality academic tuition for students ranging from Year 4 to 12 with a focus on giving students a competitive advantage in the GATE/ASET, NAPLAN, ATAR/WACE.

Students come to us for NAPLAN Tutoring, GATE Tutoring Preparation and ATAR Preparation and from 2020, we have also partnered with Frasers UCAT to prepare Year 11 and 12 students with aspirations to be a doctor for the UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test)

Our specialty skills lie with our tutors, experienced current or retired teachers, our modular-based teaching systems, well-structured work notes, worksheets, mock tests and exams. Our small class size also allows our teachers to know your child by name, understand his/her strengths and weaknesses and not get lost in a sea of other students. Our students’ improvements and results are a testament to our success.

We know not every student progresses at the same pace, some students are way ahead of their peers, others behind, while a good majority of students are average. For this reason, we individualise our program for each student. New students from Yr 4 to Yr 9 will take a diagnostic test upon enrolment and then we draw up a program for that child. We continue to track the progress of each student with an individual progress chart followed by an end of term test to prepare them for their schools actual test or exam. Senior students in Yr 10 to Yr 12 we teach according to the unit outline of their school.

Holiday Revision Classes further strengthen our students’ understanding of the subjects. During these classes, students are given sample exam questions for practice to give them an edge in tests and exam conditions for NAPLAN, GATE, ATAR and WACE Exams.

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