How do I prepare my child for GATE testing?

You can help your child’s chances with thorough preparation for the GATE testing. Some tuition centres believe that the best approach to prepare for GATE is to give the students lots of practice papers. At Test Champs – WA (previously known as Scholastic Excellence), we like to take a different approach and believe that the […]

GATE Scores

What score do you need to get into Perth Modern School? The scores have been increasing year on year. In 2017, the cut-off point for Perth Modern School was 233.86 however in 2019 it has increased to 237.78. What scores do you need to get into selective schools? Perth Modern has the highest score cut-off […]

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How do I know if my child has a chance at the GATE?

The GATE test is very competitive and is much harder than other school-based tests that your child has taken. The objective of the GATE test is to identify the top 2.5% of the student population. Your child should already be considered ahead of their peers at school to stand a chance. If your child is […]

What is the difference between NAPLAN and the GATE?

The tests are highly rigorous and differ from other tests such as NAPLAN. While results from other tests may not be an indication of the success of students in the ASET/GATE tests, students who are successful in the ASET/GATE test often score in the top band of NAPLAN and are likely to have been in […]

What does the GATE test entail?

The ASET/GATE test is fully government-funded and identifies the top 2.5% of students through a rigorous test held in March. The ASET/GATE test has four equally weighted components – Reading Comprehension (30 minutes for 35 multiple choice questions) Writing (25 minutes – one piece of writing) Quantitative Reasoning (30 minutes for 35 multiple choice questions) […]

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What is the GATE Exam Australia?

The acronym GATE stands for Gifted & Talented Exams and the new name is ASET which stands for Academic Selective Entrance Test. GATE is still being widely used to refer to the tests that identify gifted and talented students to enter selective schools, such as Perth Modern School (fully selective), Willetton SHS and Shenton College […]

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