illegible handwriting costs students
WA Exam Markers Say Unreadable Handwriting Impacts Students’ Valuable Score

Unreadable handwriting continues to be a key gripe for WA exam markers. As per the ATAR examiner’s report released by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority, WA exam markers warn Year 12 students that they may have missed out on valuable marks in the final exams due to illegible answers and unreadable handwriting. Experts claim […]

Overparenting Your Child
Psychologist Asserts Surprisingly Important Signs You May Be Overparenting Your Child

Parents want the absolute best for their children. From providing the greatest material belongings to excellence in education, parents sometimes frazzle their nerves with endless questions. Do they provide the best things to the little ones? Will their child ever develop essential skills? Understanding and helping a child to try new things lets them learn […]

Learning with Our Premier’s Reading Challenge 2022
Enjoy Reading & Learning with Our Premier’s Reading Challenge 2022

In this uncertain world, there is something remarkable about being able to escape in a story. No matter where you are from, experience the joy of reading with our Premier’s Reading challenge 2022. This challenge encourages the kids to read amazing stories.  The challenge is to log 12 or more book titles. Students participating must […]

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