Coronavirus Policy

In the interest of all students and staff, we have put in place a Coronavirus Protection Policy. It is largely in line with the policy given by the Education Department of WA. Should there be a closure of all schools or if there is a closure of the school or premise where we hire the classrooms, we’ll communicate by SMS to parents not to send their child for the class. This may happen within short notice depending on the situation.

In such a situation, we’ll attempt to arrange for replacement classes if possible, failing of which we’ll refund the fees.

We ask that all parents, students and staff adhere to the policy for their and others’ best interest and welfare.

Students, parents, carers or staff cannot attend our classes or premise if they have

  • arrived in Perth from any overseas countries in the last 14 days; OR
  • been advised by doctors to self-isolate for whatever reasons; OR
  • been feeling unwell and have any cold or cough symptoms.

The link to the Education website is

Please communicate with us if your child falls into the above category AND do not present them for classes.

Further, we advise parents to teach your children basic hygiene and to provide them with hand sanitiser.

Let’s keep everyone safe and healthy.

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