How many NAPLAN tests are there?

NAPLAN tests are taken by Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 students across Australia. The tests include Writing, Reading Comprehension, Language Conventions and Numeracy.

How long does the Year 3 NAPLAN go for?

Year 3 NAPLAN Writing test is 40 minutes, Reading test 45 minutes, Language Conventions 45 minutes and Numeracy 45 minutes.

Does NAPLAN affect ATAR?

No, NAPLAN does not directly affect students’ ATAR.

What is the highest NAPLAN score or band?

Students are not given a score for NAPLAN. Rather, each student is shown where they stand relative to the national and school average. As seen from the diagram below, the highest band for Year 3 is band 6, for Year 5 is band 8, for Year 7 is band 9 and for Year 9 is band 10. For Year 3, 5 and 7, students can be ranked in the triangle, which means they are higher than the highest band.  For more information, please visit

When are the NAPLAN tests in 2020?

Tests will be held between 12th and 22nd May 2020. Some schools will continue to use paper tests while others will test the students online.

What are the courses in Term 1, 2020 organised by Test Champs – WA (previously known as Scholastic Excellence) ?

Being exam-focused, Test Champs – WA (previously known as Scholastic Excellence) prepares students for the upcoming NAPLAN in Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 during the Jan school holidays and into Term 1.

The one big focus in Term 1 is always the GATE Preparation as the test is on 14th March. Other than the Jan Prep classes, we also have seminars, the full-length mock test of all the 4 papers in the GATE and a full-day Labour Day workshop.

Of course, we start preparing our ATAR students in Year 10, 11 and 12 for the most important exam of their academic career. Subjects we offer are all ATAR Maths, Chemistry, Physics and English. These are available in the Jan Holiday and throughout the terms and term holiday in 2020.

How can parents help their children to succeed academically?

There is no secret to academic success – the more prepared the students are, the better their chances to nail the important exams in their academic journey. Parents play an important role by being proactive and interested in their children’s studies.

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