Revise & Relax Over the Holidays

School holidays are definitely a good time for students (and teachers alike) to get a breather and relax as well as spending some quality time with family and friends. Some high school students, especially those in Year 11 and 12 take this time to do some serious revision, which is really commendable. Many of these students still feel stressed in the holidays as they either lack some form of study structure, do not know where to start or simply find the topics in some subjects too challenging for them. Despite their best intentions, the holidays are simply wasted effort and full of angst.

Scholastic Excellence has been running Holiday Revision Classes for more than ten years. The Holiday Revision Classes cover topics which are taught in Term 1 and Term 2, with an added emphasis on examination answering skills and techniques. Students are also taught how to interpret questions and scenarios so that they can use the right approach when answering questions. The small class size allows students to clarify questions they may have. The Holiday Revision Classes also come with notes that students can also use for future revision before the Semester 2 Exam. The fast pace of teaching in the regular term means that senior school students have little time for revision as they have to catch up on the topics in the school programme, with tests at short intervals. The Holiday Revision Classes ensure that they are able to make use of their holidays to learn in a more relaxed environment without the pressure of school. More importantly, the Holiday Revision Classes prepare the students and give them confidence for the term ahead.

Of course, there are some advanced students who are looking to excel. The Holiday Revision Classes are individualised and we provide advanced students with an Accelerated Program that covers topics ahead of their school. This allows such students to have a much greater competitive edge when they return to school.

We appreciate that younger students also need time to relax and play. However, if your child spends much of his time on electronic devices as entertainment, why don’t you consider our holiday revision classes which are only 5 days and taking up less than 3 hours a day? They still have plenty time for entertainment.

The intensive nature of the individualised programme over five days allows parents and students alike to see improvement over 5 days. We also prepare advanced students for the International Competitions and Assessment for Schools (ICAS) by UNSW, NAPLAN and for GATE. The individualised nature of the course and small class size allow us to develop a programme most suited for your child, whether he or she is advanced, average or weak in certain subjects.

Without the pressure of school, the holidays are a good time to both revise some work, with some time left to recharge and relax for school. Holiday Revision enrolment forms for Year 4 to 12 are available on the ENROL page or call 0410 121 509.

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