Start Preparing – The Clock is Ticking for GATE 2021

With a slowing economy, getting your child into a selective public school is indeed an investment in your child’s future. Securing a place in a selective school will offer your child great opportunities for their academic success. Your child would be able to study among like-minded peers and be nurtured with a specially designed curriculum in a challenging and stimulating environment. If your child is gifted in languages, music or the arts, there are also programs in selective public schools that can hone the talent of your child.

The Western Australia Selective School entrance test previously known as GATE (Gifted and Talented Entrance) is conducted in March every year. Applicants need to take the four-part exam consisting of Writing, Reading Comprehension, Abstract and Quantitative Reasoning. All the aspirants for the Gifted and Talented Program have to sit the ASET (Academic Selective Entrance Test) along with combined workshops, interviews or auditions depending on the programs the children are applying for.

As the test occurs in March every year, your child is left with less than a year to prepare for GATE 2021. The questions that appear in the GATE/ASET are much harder than what the children are presently learning from their school curriculum. The children require guidance and expertise from professionals with experience to help them get ahead, especially in this current situation with most children learning from home.

Moreover, learning the concepts and getting familiar with special kinds of advanced questions that are likely to appear in the test gives your child a competitive edge to gain entrance into their school of preference. Practising good test-taking techniques under the guidance of experienced professionals will place your kids in a better position to score in the GATE/ASET exams.

Most of the parents might be waiting for things to get back to normal. However, no one can anticipate when the COVID-19 situation is going to end. With an exam less than a year away, it is strongly recommended to start preparation now.

At Test Champs- WA, we aim to offer your child the knowledge, skills, and confidence to excel in the GATE/ASET and we have a track record of more than fifteen years helping students to excel (

Through our fully interactive online coaching, your child can learn confidently and safely.

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